Mill District Portrait Project

I started the Mill District Portrait project as a way to document the people who live and work in the Mill buildings that are intrinsic to the town in which I live here in Western MA. These Mill buildings have been repurposed into artist studios and businesses after they lay abandoned by the Mills that were once strong in this area. I was awarded an MCC Grant to install large scale portraits on the Mill buildings where people can encounter them in their daily lives... I believe when we can see ourselves in each other, we can often bridge divides and ease misconceptions or simply we can see the “other” in a whole new light.In my practice, I ask, who are my neighbors? What do they do? What are their stories? I wonder too, who are the local heroes? We each contribute to our communities in unique ways. My desire to connect moves me to document micro-communities such as artists, workers, and business owners as well the larger macro-community of which we are all a part of.

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