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Full Course Description

Going Within is a 6 week course using self portraiture as a healing guide through transition and heartache. This journey helps us reclaim our connection with ourselves and in doing so, we can start to see our own power and tap into our innate wisdom and beauty.

This Course includes

  • Daily prompts
  • Weekly group sessions via Zoom
  • Photo tips & composition dynamics
  • Writing Exercises for inspiration & clarity
  • Photo exercises to expand your curiosity

Free Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop will give you a taste of the full course. We will examine the difference between a self portrait and a selfie. We will look at examples and explore themes to gain insight on how we can best use self portrait as a tool .We will then discuss what a visual vocabulary is so we can start to shape a new narrative for ourselves.

This course Includes

  • The difference between a self portrait & a selfie
  • How to build a visual vocabulary
  • How to use props & wardrobe to help tell a story
  • How to find your own personal narrative
Have you ever had a moment when you knew your life would never be the same afterwards?
It’s inevitable, a reality that all of us will experience multiple times, the carpet gets pulled out from under us and our life is suddenly transformed.

My mother was home for me, and as a young woman her death was my first jolt awakening to this.  Losing someone so central to my sense of self was excruciating.  More recently, the circumstances that led to the dissolution of my long-term relationship brought me back to this place.  Devastated and barely capable of handling the basics of living, the days blurred into each other.  As I struggled to process the grief I found myself broken and sobbing in public places, holiday gatherings, parking lots...  Solace felt impossible. 

It was then that a friend suggested I pick up my camera and turn the lens on myself. Leaning into her advice, the first few attempts felt mechanical.  It was upsetting to witness my aging body and the pain it broadcast.  Yet soon exploring with the lens became my sustenance. The act of capturing myself through photography shifted my awareness away from the immobilizing sadness and despair. It was at first subtle, but ultimately this daily practice of self-portraiture grounded me in unexpected ways. As I photographed myself in various scenes, a new narrative began to emerge. Finding strength within this vulnerability, I noticed I was viewing myself in an entirely new way.

Art has the power to expose and communicate what we are unable to say. Without training the camera on myself, I might not have made it through that event. Engaging with this practice, I found focus.  With that focus, I started to value myself again. Through self-portraiture I was able to capture and reveal emotional states necessary to heal.  This insight helped forge a curiosity and courage previously not experienced.
Engaging with this practice, I found focus; I started to value myself again.

Questions & Answers

What do I need to do this course?
No fancy equipment required! Just a smart phone or camera, computer and journal plus the commitment of allowing 20-30 minutes a day for yourself.
I don’t have much technical Knowledge. Can I still take this course?
Yes! This is not a technical class., I’m teaching this course using a smartphone camera as the main tool so everyone can have access to this process. Also while I will be going over photo tips & techniques, this course is aimed as art as therapy.
How does this course work?
You will be getting daily emails with photo prompts and bi weekly video lessons.
This is a self directed course so you can work through the lessons at your own pace and schedule.
What can I expect to gain out of this course?
I am hoping that by the end of this 6 week journey you will start to have a renewed sense of self and that you see your own vulnerability as strength. In doing so, my hope for you is that you tap into your own personal power and wisdom in a way that you haven’t before..
How much does this course cost?
$195 for the full six week course
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